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Jun 14, 2019
Point, Texas
Im just here to introduce myself. I have had various tanks over the last 10+ years, all of which were really basic easy set ups. Mostly I have kept guppies and mollies in the past and haven't had to do a ton of work to take care of them. I also have a collection of betta fish that I adore. Lately I have totally fallen in love with pea puffers. I picked up two 37 gallon tanks for a good price and my intention is to practice a planted tank with one of them. Once I know more and feel confident that I can do it, I'll set up the other tank for pea puffers. I have a ton of questions and even though I have had fish for a long time I feel very inexperienced. I'm so happy to be here, where I can learn how to keep more complicated tanks and fish.
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