sedona stands and canopies

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Feb 28, 2004
Utah, USA
I'm looking for a nice stand and canopy for my 29g.

Are the sedona stands/canopies made of real wood?

Does the canopy open from the top or the front?

What are your general thoughts on quality/construction?

Thanks for your help - I hate spending $200 without seeing the item. :?
Does no one here have a sedona stand/canopy?

They seem like a really great deal compared to having one custom built - but I want to compare apples to apples and can only find the basic blurb of info on Sedona stands.
No Clue. Sedona is made by Marineland, right? The stand I got with my Marineland corner 70 is particleboard. Not my preference, and it's getting a custom stand eventually, so the one it came with is OK for now.
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