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Feb 26, 2005
Long Island, NY
I have a 150H (4'L x 2'D x 30"H) that was rated by Oceanic for up to 600GPH.

It came pre-drilled with TWO holes in the bottom. I have a good friend that's been running 2 125's for years and he says that one drain and one return is fine. I wanted to use both drilles holes as drains and bring a PVC return up the back.

Question 1: Will I get enough drainage to my sump with just one drain stand pipe? (There a top and bottom feed on it)
Question 2: Will my Mag 950 be enough for one return or should I run both 950s to a T up the one return?
Question 3: Should I go with the 2 drain/PVC return option?

Thanks again in advance. You guys are great!!

If you widen the teeth in the overflow, it should be able to handle more than 600. Alot of people run a 9.5 on them with no problems. I only run a mag7 on my megaflow with no issues. I just run PH's in the tank too.

You don't have to have a big return but it can be nice :)

1. It was desigend that way and will be fine.
2. With the stock overflow, 1 950 will be all it can handle. Keep in mind, you will need to watch algae growth on the overflow. If you are running the drain at it peak, this can burn you if the drain slows down and the pump does not.
3. I have read some on RC about this but I don't think I would do it. JMO though.
Great feedback!

Really appreciate it. I'll keep you updated.


One more question. IYO, if I'm running a 950 on the return, can I also run a 950 on the in-sump skimmer? Or should it be bigger or smaller?

Thanks again.

Really depends on the skimmer. Some skimmers won't take a pump that big. I use a Berlin classic and currently use a mag5 on it. I think it would do better with a 7 or a 9.5 but this is what I have :) As long as the skimmer will take it, the bigger the better.

You might put a ball valve on the return line as well. I have read that the megaflow can handle more than 600 gph but you might have to restrict the flow. I am planning on opening up the slots on my 75 when I move it. There are quite a few thread on this on RC too.

I'm having a "plumbing" situation on my sump as it is. The feeds that came with my sump don't fit the stand pipes that came with the tank. I guess this is gonna be a custom job. Probably a better idea anyway.
Check skimmer and see what they say to use..... Bigger is not always better.
Feeds with sump??? What kind of a sump do u have?
They do have reducers for pvc pipe....good luck
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