Should I be adding any of these to my reef tank

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Dec 19, 2010
West Plains Missouri
Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Trace Elements, Iodine Is what Live aquaria is saying for supplements which of these would come in your salt mix and can be taken care of by weekly pwc and which one should I be adding If any of them?
Always test before adding any supplements. All tanks use up the additives at a.different rate. With pwc's you don't need to add much. A good salt has most all additives in it.
Are you going to have any type of Coral? If so what type usually any SPS or LPS need Cal. Alk, and Mag to grow.
Most corals will do just fine with the trace elements provided by oyur partial water changes and no dosing is necessary.

if you do dose anyways please make sure you have a test kit for what you are gonna put in the tank.
I agree. Don't add anything you can't test for. Water changes should suffice. With a significant coral load, you will need to add supplemental calcium. Some add magnesium as well, but I don't. I like B-Ionic and Kalkwasser. If you keep SPS corals you will want calcium at 450 and KH of around 10. Easier to get the KH high than the calcium, so add anything slowly and test as you go.
I totally understand that if you cant check for it you probably shouldnt be adding it I just seen on live aquaria that every coral has supplements listed under it and I wasnt sure what all was contained in my salt I use coralife and the only thing I see on it is that it contains calcium and magnesium
I have over 20 corals in my big tank, ranging from mushrooms all the way up to SPS and I havent found a need to dose anything yet. My calcium is actually kinda high at over 500 and I keep my KH at about 10 although I've been having issues keeping the KH high enough.

As said above, just go slow and let your tank dictate what you will need as far as dosing.
I know, I know.....I thought it was my test but I've double checked it with two kits and it still reads off the charts.

I've been known to put in purple up when I re adjust my powerheads so that was suggested. BUT I havent used it in weeks.....I havent' tested it this week so maybe it went down...
I have a bottle of "trace elements" liquid that I havent used but it has over 20 different things listed.
I guess my biggest worry is I want "happy corals" and being still pretty new at this I just want to make sure I can meet their needs
keep your water clean and do your water changes timely and they will be fine. really. they just need the appropriate lighting and good water and flow and they will thrive. I have some corals that are 10x bigger in just a few months and I don't do anything special really.
Yeah I have noticed alot of growth out of some of the first coral I got so I guess Im ok I have seen some beautiful reef tanks and that is my goal so doing everything I can right is a must for me LOL
Even if you do everything right, things can go sour. Just keep moving forwards and don't buy organisms that you can't maintain. Do some research before buying that $150 SPS coral.
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