Should I get a powerhead in my maintank?

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Nov 2, 2004
Temecula CA
I have a 50gal tank with a mag 12 pump. I also use a SCWD. I was told that, that would be enough circulation for my water. However should I still get another powerhead for a counter current?
Sure, the more water movement the better. Do you notice any dead spots?
its up to you then. If no dead spots, you may be good then. But it can't hurt to add one.
I have a little 20 that didn't have one in it and all my corals and fish were doing fine. then I noticed a little dead spot behind some of the rocks so I added one and did a couple small water changes. It seems like after I added the PH all my corals got a lot more color and bigger. I would say get one.
If you have corals(like SPS) that need the strong flow than add a powerhead if you feel it's necessary. If you got sofites and LPS you might not need the extra flow.
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