Should I use this sump

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Aug 27, 2014
I got this sump with a 90 gallon tank I bought a while ago. Was thinking of removing the wheels and some trays and adding some filter socks. What do you guys think?

I run that sump with a 29g waterbridged on my 180 fresh water...
I might use top tray for mechanical and then crushed coral in other trays???
I took the wheels out for years and then put one back just for giggles.
I like my model 4...
I use the model 2 [ just one tower] on my 75 reef but no wheel in that puppy.
You have to stay on top of the mechanicals but you have clean socks too?
I use a 100 micron pad in last tray....
here it is on my freshwater.

Filter is in basement tank is upstairs in livingroom...
Hmmmm. Never thought of using rubble on the trays. Good idea. Pads also work just as well as socks.

How do you do the water bridge? Do you pump into the 29 and then another pump back to display tank?
The white 2 1/2 " pvc pipe ["U"d] from one tank to the other flows water...I pump from the 29 upstairs to tank in the rising 1 1/2 " white PVC[yea that is my return line:brows:] then it flows back to filter and naturally waterbridges to 29.
A waterbridge is syphon plain and simple.
I even have a large[hagen 900] powerhead to 'back flow' water from the 29 to the filter to purge bubbles if they build up in the syphon...I have never lost syphon in over 5 years without having someone to blame:whistle::facepalm:.
In the filter I have another hagen 900 pumping out to my garden through outlet in window and I fill in 29 from my prep barrels or conditioned tap, so I change water without stopping tank.....:cool:
Ditch the wheel most of your bios should be in your LR and the sump /tower/fuge are usually extra IMO...Bio media become unruly nitrate factories in reef set ups.
Cut to fit are cheaper and easier then socks unless you get the biggest square ones IMO...
Deep Blue FilterMaxx High Density Filter Pad 100 Micron 36x30"
They make 50 micron also but that is seriously tight....
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