Sick Copperband

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Jul 1, 2005
I have had my copperband for about 2 weeks now in a 125 gal reef tank. He shares it with a couple clownfish, a velvet damsel, and a yellow tang. He seemed fine till this morning when i saw him hangin out inside my cup coral just hovering. Just now several hours later i found him laying on the sand. I moved him immediately to the qt but dont know what is wrong. I dont see any fading or odd coloration. Whenever i put mysis shrimp in the tank he seems to eat a few. This time when i fed he didnt come out which is when i saw him laying on the sand. Water parameters look ok. When i put him in the qt he swam a little and has now parked himself against a rock.
What are your exact readings in both the QT and main? Have you tried to soak your frozen food in garlic extreme, this can boost the immune system and also stimulates feeding. Is his belly sunken?
Most people including Liveaquaria consider this a difficult fish to raise. From what I understand feeding seems to be the problem.
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