Sick Snail??

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Mar 30, 2022
Hi everyone! I have a snail who has been quite lethargic recently. The past two times I’ve looked at him he’s been holding pieces of gravel (still not sure what that’s about). Today he had this weird bit of green on the side of the shell, looks like it’s more on the inside than outside. I’m not sure what it is or if I should remove it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! He’s not a new snail, has been living happily in the tank for about 4 months now.


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They have active cycles and slow cycles, lasting from a day to a week(s). On the other hand, you're right to have a worry in the back of your mind: they do slow down when they're giving up the ghost and heading for death.

If nothing has changed about your water and you still do the same changing routine, the snail is doing what it does so don't blame yourself. One way to explore is to put food nearby (if it's at the top, put the sinking pellets under it). They can smell food and it might be motivated to go eat. You'll know it's fine if it's still going for the grub.

Hmm...wondering if it's lethargic because you fed a big meal. That would explain the extra poopines.
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