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Sini you rock!!! Varied diet and next day get eggs!!!!!

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Wow I'm glad that worked! Kinda a shot in the dark :whistle:

Still no more angelfish spawns. Not that it matters since we don't have room for any more! Still, I'm hoping to establish a pattern for them like what the rams have (even if it's far less frequent).

We're looking into some predators to take care of culls. Ann wants a ropefish, I'm thinking a pair of dwarf pike cichlids. We're open to suggestions! Preferably something we could shoehorn into an existing tank or put in a tank of 40 gallons or less.
Red Wolf Fish maybe? I'm sure someone will chime in with something good...

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Red Wolf Fish maybe? I'm sure someone will chime in with something good...

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Well I guess I don't have to worry about it anymore, my professor just told me I can feed them to the gar they have in the aquaculture research center. That solves a lot of problems; that gar could probably consume countless adult angelfish, let alone nickel-sized culls.
There's a correction to be made :)

In a effort to be on AA more and learn as much as I can, that pair will be mine! I'll be taking care of them and posting about them (sini tends to captain the ship) but not in a bad way. So sini no touchy

Sini's my personal bucket, I mean husband
It's true; I tend to take care of everything fishtank related out of habit, so the 29 gallon is now a sinibotia-free zone (the user, not the fish; although there won't be any sinibotia-fish in their either). The plants in that tank have been doing pretty poorly so I yanked them this morning. MissGurnus has a blank slate to work with in that particular tank. (Actually 2 blank slates for angelfish to spawn on... heh)

In the meantime I did some work on my new baby, the planted 55. All the plants pulled from the 29 are now in there. It looks pretty dang good now. Hopefully I'll be getting some new plants from papa so I can absolutely stuff the tank with green. The zebra loaches are doing OK, but one is wasting away pretty badly so I may try a metronidazol treatment if he doesn't show improvement. They seem a little reluctant to eat so I threw a few dozen snils in there, to help get them eating and also to eat any dead plant matter left from the new plants.

I also re-did the 10 gallon with the rams; added some more substrate and root tabs and moved the plants around. Some of the plants wouldn't stay planted and I'm also trying to see if I can help out the female ram; the male still isn't letting up although she looks better than she did after that last spawn (no apparent physical injury)

Still waiting on another spawn from the angelfish, the new rams are free-swimming and in with the other swimmers, and the angelfish are growing beautifully. So are the loaches in the loach community I should add. Pictures of everything coming sometime today!
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