Skittish Fish? dechlorinator?

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Jul 28, 2002
Honolulu, HI.
Hello All,
I was just wondering what makes a fish shy or skittish? I have 2 fish currently residing in my 10 gallon, 1 very active the other kinda quiet. Do fish have personalities? Could the blood gourami just not be an out-going fish. If he sees you, he'll dart across the tank and hide behind the filter. He waits to eat food when it drifts over to him, and he hides in the peice of deco I put in there. He seems to be o.k. other than acting like an abused orphan... Just want to ask, hmmmm.

The other question I had was, does de-chlorination drops work instantly or does it take time? If you add water from evaporation or something, can you put some tap water in a small bowl, add a few drops of dechlorinator and put it in the tank, or should it sit around for awhile? Thanks All :p
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