Small spongue

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Mar 1, 2005
Brockton Ma USA
Good evening all

My sump and Fuge is full of little white spongues. I dont think they are dangerous, but is the anything that will eat them. Kinda getting out of control. I have a starfish in my sump now (hitchhiker), but it wont touche them Thanks.
Why do you want to be rid of them? They are not going to harm anything I have them all over my tank(little pineapple looking things?)
Probably q-tip sponges and I agree, they are harmless. If they are to unsightly for you, just scrape them off.
No I dont mind them. I just didnt know if they would get out of control. They are only in the sump, so I dont mind. Just checking.. Thanks EE & Cindy
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