So I come home from the movies...

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Jun 29, 2003
...and I start checking over my tank, counting all the critters like usually. One snail is missing, nothing unusual. After looking around, the snail worked it way up the edge of the tank and is crawling around the bottom edge of the Aquaclear filter. This looked pretty amusing, and I was curious as to what the snail was going to do when it hit the outlet. So, the snail picked up some speed and went right up the outlet slide into the filter media area :roll:

I picked out and snail and put him back on some LR :eek: Thinking about it now, the media area would have been perfectly safe for the snail, I should have let him stay in there 8)
LoL!! :lol:
I have a couple of snails in my built in overflows. Been there for a while, I can't reach them with the plumbing.
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