Something white coming out of Mollies

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May 30, 2020
Hi everyone, I’m new here and had a question.

For a bit of background, I got my two mollies ~3 weeks ago and all has been pretty well. Tuesday the 19th I woke up and this mollie in the image had given birth to at least 10 fry (6 were eaten by the time I came home and I ended up donating the remaining 4). Last night I noticed one of my fish had given birth to 3 more fry so I separated the babies in a net and this morning woke up to one more so I have 4 in total in the net. Now I’m not sure which molly have birth to the four fry, but this Molly in the image looks like there’s a little white something sticking out of her and I’m concerned it may be a lodged baby. These are my first fish and I’m trying to take all the extra precautions to make sure they’re happy so I’d appreciate any help!


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