Southdown equivalent?

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Jul 15, 2003
San Jose ,CA
Okay so I ran to my local home depot here in the Bay Area and of course no "Southdown". I did however pick up two 50 pound bags of Basalite brand Play Sand. The consistency is what I would expect fine grain size silica looking and clean. Would this stuff suffice for my DSB? If not would anyone in my area know of where to get the proper sand without spending ridiculous prices?

My second question in setting up my first SW tank is for the initial water that I mix. I do not have a RO unit and would not use my tap water. Any opinions on using water from the local water store where I go to get our drinking water. Im sure they use a RO and DI filtration on their water.
My home depot didnt have the Southdown either. the stuff I got was old castle tropical play sand. I think its the exact same thing just got bought out or something. when I went there I was just about to leave until I remember the posts about old castle.
Do a search here on Southdown and you should find a thread that lists the 'other' names it goes by.

I suggest you ask the store mangager if they are selling RO/DI water. My guess woud be that they are. Even if you are told that is is, you should test it.
distiled water is what you want, I beleive. and the other name southdown goes by is , "Yardright tropical playsand from the carrabian". HTH
correct me if I'm wrong but it's best to steer away from silica based sands correct?

Don't they contribute to diatomes?
correct me if I'm wrong but it's best to steer away from silica based sands correct?

According to Dr Ron the only problem with silica sand is the sharp edges and points on the grains which can injur the infauna that lives in it. Most prefer aragonite, but there is nothing wrong with using silica sand, provided it is 100% silica.

Don't they contribute to diatomes?

Silicates fuel diatom growth, and silica does not leach silicates into the water.
getting back tomy initilal question then, this play sand that I bought if it says silica sand on it then it should be acceptable correct?
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