Spawn of Snakehead?---Very interesting to read

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LOl, down here in FL, we have "walking catfish". They find a pond and swim in it, until it drys up, then they will pick up and walk to another one. It can be unerving at times seeing a trail of fish walking in a line on their pectoral fins. It get's really interesting when they try to cross a highway.....

I need pics of this event. Just got to see fish on the move.

Go get some PICS of this ODDITY
With all the rain we've been having there aren't many ponds drying up right now, there are new ones forming. I have not seen this in the area I'm in now, but rest assured if I see it, and I have my camera, I will be sure to capture the moment.
Bush to ban import of Snakehead fish

Apparently those walking catfish I was talking about were these snakeheads. In this article they even give links to a recipe, possibly to encourage people to catch the ones we've got and eat the.... :wink:

News Article said:
Snakehead fish found in seven U.S. states

The land-walking snakehead fish that is native to Asia has been found in seven states and the Bush administration will announce Tuesday a ban on U.S. imports of the predatory fish.

The snakehead, which can grow up to 3 feet long (1 meter), eats other fish and can walk across land to find new sources of food in other lakes and streams. The fish can stay out of water for up to three days.


The fish came to light this summer after several snakeheads were found in a Maryland pond. The so-called Frankenfish were dumped there by a local resident who had initially imported them to make soup.

Snakeheads have been found in six other states: Hawaii, Florida, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, according to the Interior Department.

Interior Secretary Gale Norton will make the announcement that 28 species of snakehead fish will be subject to an government import and trade ban, unless a special permit is granted, a department official said Monday.

"Interstate commerce will be illegal, you can't sell them across state lines," the official said. The fish has primarily been imported to the United States for its excellent taste, even when eaten smoked or dried.

"Soup and other culinary delights, that's how it's gotten over here," the official said.

A recipe for watercress soup with snakehead fish can be found at Chinese food recipe Web site:

On Tuesday, Norton was also to discuss what the government will do to help affected states destroy the fish.

Draining lakes that have snakeheads runs the risk of pumping water with some of the infant fish into nearby lakes and streams.

Maryland officials are considering poisoning a small lake where at least 80 baby snakeheads have been found.

A scientific plan this week is expected to test various chemicals on the baby snakeheads to pinpoint the best way to kill them.

"If they got into the larger (water) system, they could alter the food chain and displace other species," said John Surrick, spokesman for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The people of northern Thailand and Myanmar (formerly Burma) believe a snakehead fish is a reincarnated sinner.

The freshwater fish has an ugly wide mouth and heavy scales, making it look like a snake's head and letting it swallow prey as large as it is.

Adults eat fish, frogs, aquatic birds and small mammals, while juvenile snakehead fish prey on earthworms, water bugs, tadpoles, dragonfly larvae and other organisms.

With sharp teeth and powerful jaws, big snakeheads can bite other fish in half.

07/23/2002 06:28
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I find it interesting that some fish in asia have evolved to have primitive lungs and can breath air.

The three that I know of are the betta, snakehead, and now the walking catfish. All three hale from asia. I wonder how many more species of fish have this capacity.
Lot's, they are called labrynth fish, because of the labrynth organ that allows them to breath air. Cory cat's and gourami' and paradise fish are just a few. One of the things I found interesting in these fish is that some (the betta specifically) has gills and is capable of breating in the water, but has basically forgotten how. If you were to place a betta in container (with holes for circulation) at the bottom of an aquarium, with no access to the surface, it would effectively drown.
Kevin, do you know if the really big Cats we have here in Florida can also walk? I sure would hate to meet one of those guys. I have met alligators while out on walks in this area. Have even had to stop while in my Blazer on one of the back roads to let one cross. He actually turned around and snapped at my tire. I let them have their way. :lol: I live in an area with lots of lakes and the gators walk from one lake to the other. Excuse me, got a little off the subject here.

I need to take the handle "talksalot" know like the Dell Comercial.
HEHEHEHE Just think about going out on a nature walk and coming across a 4 1/2 ft channel cat.... :twisted: No I do not believe any of the other cats can "walk". Actually, they probably could physically walk, but lack the labrynth organ so they can breath air.
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