sponge filters sufficient for 75 gallon native fish?

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Jun 6, 2020
Hi - I'm setting up a new tank, 75 gal, with native cold water fish (that are legal in my state, such as sculpin, dace, catfish, shiners). Will a couple of large sponge filters be ok for this, or should I go with a big traditional filter? I'm on well water, no chlorine etc.
I like having both. But, enough sponge area just may work. A local pet store has sponge filters in all their tanks. And they sell them there, too. Sponge filters aren’t the easiest to find outside the internet. Good luck and post pics of the natives!
There is another option a Hamburg batten filter. Rachel O'Leary uses one in a large tank might be a 75G. She has youtube videos of the tank over the years.
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