spring time, Let's see some OT pics!!

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Yeah, I know this isn't a competition but some of those photos from everyone are making me so jealous. We can't afford a new camera... mine isn't horrible, but it sure doesn't compare to what you all have. Kevin said it's hard to find bugs when you want to...... I can find all sorts of cool things to take pictures of... just can't always take good shots with my camera... tried to take a pic of the moon for the other thread that was started but it didn't come out... oh well.. I'll stick with the thigs I can take decent pictures of...
No it's nt a competition, I enjoy taking pictures and so I have spent a little money on my set up to allow me to take pics in a wide range of circumstances, and my set up is getting rather expensive, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy looking at your pics as well as showing you mine. I take pictures to please myself, not anyone else, if others enjoy my photos...well that is the icing on the cake. Do not hesitate to post pics you have taken, there are some things you won't be able to capture unless your cam will do such and such, but you can certainly take beautiful photos of other things ;)
Yeah, Millipede - I think your camera takes some pretty nice arty shots - especially the recent ones of the turtles. Fancy cameras may allow you to take better pictures in less-than-ideal conditions, but they can't help you recognize an photo-opportunity or compose a shot - remember that. :wink: I've been interested in photography long before I became interested in fish - and I've got the bills to prove it! :lol: I spent more on my recently acquired digital camera body than I did on all my fish stuff combined! I'm still learning how to use the darn thing creatively and I'm quickly discovering that a CMOS sensor DOES NOT behave quite the same way as film. Lots of what I have learned using film now has to be unlearned, or at least re-evaluated.
Fancy cameras may allow you to take better pictures in less-than-ideal conditions, but they can't help you recognize an photo-opportunity or compose a shot - remember that. :wink:
Exactly. I have seen some great shots with many lower megapixel cameras. I enjoy seeing all interesting pics, no matter what the quality, so I hope there isnt anyone afraid to post their pics.

I know it isn't a competition and I love the interesting things I find to take pictures of... I just wish I had the hardware to get better results. As it is I sometimes have to take a ton of pictures of one thing just to find one or two that are halfway decent... I'll keep on wishing but it wont stop me from taking pictures... It's been a bit breezy during the day here so there's a few things that aren't coming out that great... Last night, no wind so I went out to look around and there were all sorts of noises in the woods so I wasn't out too long... that might sound paranoid but I'm out there every night and these noises weren't normal... they were a good distance away but when I went out there a little later it was now in the bushes less than 20 feet away... I wish I had some night vision so I could see what it was... There are so many nocturnal creatures around here but it isn't often you get to see them... Well, here's a few that I thought were worth posting. The "print" I'm not sure what it is. it was right next to a pond and there were a lot of frogs there, it was muddy, so I was thinking "what would a frog print look like?"... looks like a BIG cat print but I wouldn't expect to see that where it was and there were only two prints, then nothing...

Hey, where has Kevin and everyone been? I will try to get some more pics today, this is a fun topic... My latest picture I uploaded to the Creepy Animals page... check it out if you haven't
Here, just haven't really been shooting much lately, also wanted it to be more participation from others, it seems sometimes that it ends up being the reefrunner show, and that is not the intent of this thread.
off topic pictures

Hey reefrunner, I don't mind the reefrunner show... I love nature pics... All the trips I've been on when I was younger my mom would really hassle me to have pictures with people in them... in her opinion no one cares about all the other stuff... oh well. I love nature pics... I was thinking with some of the excellent photos I've been seeing on this site we could all put together some books on a wide variety of topics... A lot of the photos I've been seeing are that quality or better... Anyway... here's a insects I took pictures of tonight... to see more of mine check out my gallery and the new creepy photo thread. I think they'll be fun... Did anyone have any ideas about the "print" photo I posted earlier?
off topic

Got a few more pics today... The one titled "ivy" is for you reefrunner... It took me a while to find the right plant and the right day with no wind to get a decent pic... You made me think of this when you mentioned going into a ditch with sandals on...
I just realized that all the pictures I took were only 1m. I got a bunch of stuff for it for mothers day, so I will post more some time soon. I have been praticing a hole lot. I am have been inspired to take a class at the college. And out of the five good pictures I have ever taken in my life, one has been bought. I am so excited. More details when I sign the papers. I would hate to have it fall though.
Ok these two are not good but they are cute. Some little girls want to be a ballerina when they grow up. And some...
To be quite honest I am not sure which one it is. My husband put together a cd and took it to work. Three have been bought, and one is being used for a project already. I do know two were of flowers and one of a squirrel. This is not a big money making thing, but I feel pretty special.

I will let you know though.
Three have been bought, and one is being used for a project already.

Well, I suppose since it's your husbands company...but you should know that without your written permission, the use of that photo is a copyright violation. Something to consider, you may not feel like a professional, but when you sell your photos...you are a professional and you need to treat your work that way. That said, in your circumstances...I think you'll be fine, but many companies will start infringing on your work and you are limited in damages if you do not register your images. FWIW, if your husbands company is looking for photos, feel free to have them browse www.reefrunner.us/gallery/ and contact me (email contact is on the index page www.reefrunner.us) if there is anything they would like to purchase ;)
Thanks for the advice. I knew about the photo release I have to sign. I am going to do that some time this week. The current project, will not be produced for a little while. I am not worried. They are a very uptight about rules, annoyingly so.
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