Star Polys, Requirements ?????

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Apr 26, 2005
United Kingdom
I have this cluster of star polyps in my aquarium, they have never, since I bought them, come out properly (only a few have), Why did they never come out ?? - I am using far better lighting than they had in the LFS and all my other corals are doing great, some are spreding across the rocks. but these were spreading across the glass in the store and it just got worse when it went in my tank, why ??
sorry for the bad description, about a month, a few of the polyps are coming out but most are not,

They were doing so at the LFS, spreading all over the glass they were on and everything, they had a small amount of circulation (not alot)

and were under 2x actinic and 1 white, NO flourescent - which could have only been about 30w each ?? -

I have: 1x 40w power-glo, 1x 38w power-glo, 1x 38w actinic & 1x 32w actinic (148w total, 30gal. tank - 5wpg) & a Maxi-Jet 900 ph

I have tried putting them every where in the tank and they wont come out
You got'm in a small amount of circulation too, right? Try'm under a rock overhang or something. Maybe they're still getting used to greater amount of light

My guess would be they'll all do fine in a while since some are out.
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