Sump/fuge size?

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Mar 21, 2006
I am planning on a sump/fuge for my 125G.
The space I have available is, 35" long x 16" deep x 20" high.
1. Will I be able to fit a skimmer in there?
2. What would be a good sized tank for this?

Largest average sized tank for that space is a 29 gal (30 1/4 x 12 1/2 x 18 3/4) but you could custom build one to match better. I assume the 35" long is due to how the stand is setup but you could use two tanks and have them connected to increase your water volume and/or for a fuge.

The 20" high is going to limit your skimmer selection. Most 125 gal stands are 30" high so I'm confused why you're limited to 20".
I am not really limited on the height. What I did was mounted my MH ballasts on the left side of the back of my tank, that's where the 35" long comes from. I spaced the ballasts out to deruce heat, but can move them over to the left more to add space on the length, the width is a tiny bit over 17". I just wanted to put out those number as a bare minimum. Sorry for the confusion.
Can you fit a 55 gal in there? That would give you more then enough room even though a 29 gal would still work. As you know the larger the better so I'd try to get the largest possible sump in the space you have.
Yeah, I saw a 55 G at petco, with the filter, hood and some other stuff for $150. I don't need the all the other stuff but thought that was a decen price. I'll have to see if I can move enought around to fit the 55 but I also wanted an auto topoff unit in there.....
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