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Feb 16, 2013
I'm losing about 1" of water from my sump daily. Is this normal? Is there anyway to slow down the water loss?
You can cover it to slow the evaporation, but... yep, it's normal.

As summer gets here though, I'm finding that keeping the water cool is getting hard!... having that evaporation happening will help to keep the water a little cooler.

Do the math, and you may find that an RO/DI unit (if you don't already have one) will pay for itself pretty quickly.
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You have a container of fresh water, a small pump, and a float switch in the sump. As water evaporates, the float switch activates the pump which moves the fresh water into the sump till the float switch opens again, stopping the pump when the desired level is once agin established.

Actually one of the simplest/cheapest add-ons to a system (easily Design-It-Yourself) you can do that turns a daily chore into a weekly one (just refill the freshwater reservoir.)
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