Tank Re-design for loaches

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Jan 29, 2005
Cambridge, England (UK)
Hello everyone,

I am thinking of performing a substrate change from black sand to white sand in my 20 gallon, but also i think that my 3 yoyo loaches need a bigger tank.
I've read several articles saying that a 20 gallon is the limit and a max of 3 in there should be ok but i know that they'd love a bigger tank.
I was thinking of re-designing my tank to hopefully make it as nice to live in for them as possible and because i want to do a substrate change i could do both at the same time.
By re-designing the tank i mean make it as spacious as possible with plenty of hiding places and nooks that they can get in and out of etc...

Another option would be to put all 3 in my bigger 25-30 gallon (3 footer) and put the cories that would be going into the 3 footer in my 20 gallon.
This would make the most sense as 3-4 panda cories would fit much better in the 20 gallon than 3 yoyo's.
Also if i can completely re-design my 20 gallon in preperation for some cories then it will make me excited about that one aswell.

I dont really know what to do, i was set on re-designing the 20 gallon for the loaches but during the typing of this post i'm in-between ideas.
If anything i've changed my mind slightly and think i should put the yoyo's in the 3 foot tank. :?
Any suggestions?!
I fyou have the room I would do both. :) I really like the difference of expression that different tanks offer. It makes them more interesting as well IMO.

I think it would be easier for you to set up a whole new tank with the loaches in mind, get it cycled, transfer them etc, then redo the 20 if you still want to in whatever way your imagination leads you. :)
The one thing thats holding me back on moving the loaches is the whole 'aquascape look' to a tank. The 3 foot tank would look better with a low stock and small fish so some panda cories would look better than a fat yo-yo and his 2 buddies.

On the other hand i think of the fish and i know that the yoyo's need that tank more so than the cories would. I love my loaches, there just pure entertainment so i think i might just give them the extra space.
It would make my 20 gallon look better with smaller fish in it and the yoyo's might be alright in the other tank from an aquascaping point of view.

4 panda cories in a 20 gallon and 3 yoyo loaches in a 30 sounds better than 4 panda's in a 30 and 3 yoyo's in a 20.
why do you want to change from black sand to white? i think you're crazy! many fish colour up better when on a dark substrate, and it's SO much easier to keep looking good. i find white sand an absolute pain to keep sparkling.
I did think keeping it clean would be a problem, i just want a change really i've had black sand for a while now and it might help me get as interested in my old tank as my new one.

Also with the addition of cories then i think that will definately get me back into my old tank.
I'm not exactly never looking at my old tank and not looking after it but i just think i'd get back some more interest with a change.

I think plants look good with a white substrate and if you have fish that contrast with it then i think they look good too.
I've ordered some ADA Amazonia aqua soil, so not white sand after all. lol

Im still uncertain on what i actually want to do though, i think i'd prefer to get new fish in my new tank but my loaches would prefer the room. Any good pet owner would put the animal first so i think thats what i'd better do and so move the loaches into the bigger tank.

I think loaches prefer a long tank and the one in question is only 5 inches longer but it's better than the one that there currently in.

I also ordered quite a few crypts, 2 mother plants included in that aswell.
When i get the plants and substrate i'll re-design the tank and hopefully have the other tank ready for transfer. Although i need to kill off all the BGA thats currently taking over first!! AHHH!!
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