The DIY sump blues

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Feb 4, 2005
I got the diy sump blues so bad....

Okay, had real problems with turning a wet/dry into a sump so decided to go sumpless. After many adviced against sumpless, I'm trying again. During planning stages of converting an old 20gal long tank into a sump for my 110gal high (which should arrive Saturday), I realized that once this thing is in the stand - it's not coming out. I can only fit the tank through the top of the stand which will eventually be covered by the main tank. I don't like the idea of not being able to remove the tank.

So, if I can fit a 10 or 15 gallon in there, is that too small for the 110gal? I'm trying to get at least 600-800gph through this thing, hopefully a little more. I can sacrifice the fuge if I go with a 10 or 15 gallon sump, but will that be enough for the flow rate? Maybe I can try to work something out with a 20gallon HIGH tank.

Thanks all.
Why the stand problems? I'd think a 110gal stand would be big enough for the tank. Is it that there are center supports? There's an alternative... I saw a website where the guy had same kinda problem but built his sumps as two boxes that WOULD fit under the stand, and then plumbed them together. Came out really spiffy.
Yeah, the center supports are in the way. My white chocolate kit kat tastes like plastic. Really not relevant at all to this topic, but distracting as I type none the less. The 110 all-glass pine stand is the same as the 75/90. Its just 48x18 and I just cant fit the tank in through the doors. I may try a 15 gal which is the same dimensions as a 20 less 6 inches wide. That might do it for me. I'll skip the fuge and just have some live rock in there somewhere.

I've been on the "planning stage" for about 2 months now.

- Skins
Is it an open back? If it is open back, you may be able to get it in by going in parallel so to speak. You could still put a fuge in a 15gal tank though, if you just silicone in some dividers. It wouldn't be very big, but it would be big enough for chaeto and pods.
Hmm... plastic kit kat doesn't sound appealing. There's a great site with directions for using a 15gal here:

Thanks, zuzecawi. That link is exactly what I needed. There are a few things in there that I didn't think of. I'm off to get started <rolls up sleeves>.
Haha. So I picked up a 15 gallon on the way home from work and brought it home and I can't fit it in the stand. I'm not going to run a 10 gallon sump for a 110 gallon aquarium - the 15 gal was a little pathetic - so, I guess I'm going sumpless. I'm a little worried about surface area only being 48x18 with that much water so I'll have to come up with a powerhead scheme that works for me, and now I have to go with a hang on back skimmer.

I'm changing my author name to SumplessPete. All-Glass 48x18 pine stands stink!

- Sumpless in Seattle
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