The fish are here ! the fish are here

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Apr 30, 2004
I got 6 bloodfin tetras , 4 julii cory catfish and 1 golden mystery snail for the 15 gallon tank at home.

This tank has a new hood with a slightly pinkish light. The pinkish light is bringing up the color of the bloodfins very well .. I am surprised why I never gave bloodfins a thought -they seem wonderful fish !

The julii cories always stay in a group and are cute -- always active and looking for food :):)

Snail is about 1 inch in diameter -- but stays near the plants. This worries me as to the snail eating the plants, otherwise it is very interesting to watch !!
yeah you can pretty much put the snail with the betta if you would like. Neither will bother eachother so dont worry! :D
Exciting! Just keep an eye on your water after adding all those fish at once and do water changes right anyway if you get any ammonia or nitrites.
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