Think my urchin eat my seahorse

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May 27, 2013
Hello folks I can't find one of my seahorses and the only other creature in the tank is a pencil urchin. I moved rocks and everything and can't find him is it possible my urchin eat it. And could it eat it completely in about 12 hours. No trace of it anywhere I have a hob filter and there's no way it could get in that. I did research and thought it was ok to have the urchin in there. The seahorse was about 2" and the urchin was a little smaller than a baseball. When I located the urchin he had a bunch of white stuff laying on the round part of his body. What do you folks think is this possible.
Never mind my wife found him hiding in a big ball of cheato woo hoo !!!!!!
Well that's what I thought that's why I had him in there then I read online that a guy had one and the horse hitched on one of its pencil spines and that the urchin kinda pinched his spines together and trapped it. Kinda sounds funny now but you know how you get when you think you have lost a creature. Lol
yeah that's kinda crazy lol. I came home from work today and I have (had) an electric blue crab and I was looking every where for it and couldn't find it, then my diamond goby came out with it in its mouth
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