this coral ok here?

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Feb 24, 2005
well i have 2x elegance corals now, the first company i ordered from i thought wasnt going to send it after almost 2 weeks with no replys to my emails or answered calls so i placed an order on another website and i received it monday and was going to call my credit card company to reverse the charge on the first order til yesterday i got an email from fedex saying i had a shipment on the way from said company and the one they sent me was 2x bigger then i asked for lol the question is, is it ok if its squeezed in this corner like this or should i move it? its otherwise real healthy after being in the tank for a few short hours its already fully extended

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I keep my elegance away from the glass so it can fully extend and open. You got some nice looking pieces there buddy. :-D
weird question but how do i make it close up? lol if i put my hand near it will it retract
I only move it first thing in the morning when it's all closed up. lol I just moved it today cause my clowns were harassing it.

Is there a base? When I bought mine the guy just grabbed it from below and kinda tilted upside down to bag it.
yea theres a hard base, yea good idea i will just move it in the morning or later this evening when my lights go off in the tank and it closes up Thanks for the help btw
well after the lights turned off yesterday i moved the coral towards the middle of the tank and heres how it is today i dont think it likes this spot very much

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Picture looks like it may be getting to much water flow at that location.I would try moving it again.
yea thats what i was thinking may have to move it somewhere else
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