To fuge or not to fuge?

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Jan 8, 2007
Well, I want to add a refugium, but I'm not sure if I should, or how I should.

I have a 125g, with ~170lbs LR, ~70lbs LS, a Mag 350 filter, and a wet-dry trickle filter with two return pumps (one a 350 and the other a 500.) I also have an AquaRemora HOB skimmer.

The wet-dry filter runs with three separate compartments. At one time, one compartment had bioballs (fed from the LHS overflow), the second compartment had some kind of rolled up mesh (fed from the RHS overflow), and the third had the two return pumps in it which sucked in the water through a filter sponge from the other two compartments. I've since gotten rid of the bioballs and mesh and replaced them with LR rubble. The two compartments with LR rubble have lids to minimize splash and evaporation.

I've toyed with the idea of a HOB fuge, because I like the idea of a separate area with plants and invertebrates to keep safe from other livestock, but I only have a 3-1/2" clearance between the back of the tank and the wall. I thought I might hang a small one on the side of the tank, but that will limit the size of the fuge.

I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
In the articles I have read it has stated in order to see a real benefit from a refugium it should be at least 20% of the tanks volume and less may be the same as not having one at all. I don't know that a 25g tank could hang on the back of your tank? Do you have space under the cabinet for a sump/refugium maybe you could replace the Wet/Dry trickle filter with a sump/refugium?
So, which is better a sump or wet/dry?

To each his own. I debated that question mainly because the Wet/Dry would have been cheaper for me. But I decided to go with a sump/refugium combo because I wanted the benefit of the Macroalgae which you don't really get from a wet/dry. You could also have a really easy and cheap sump with no refugium section at all good for storage of unsightly equipment. With a Wet/dry you cant hide equipment like you could with a sump. So you really have to determine what it is you are looking to accomplish with your tank and then decide how to go about it.
My preference is LR a good skimmer and a sump. I sold my wet/dry on eBay and put in a proper sump.
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