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So the 10 fit. I may upgrade to a 20 long if it fits down the road I'd Petco has 1$ per g sale ill buy it. In the mean time would this work

Eshopps PF-800 Overflow Box Rated to 125g

Eshopps PF-800Overflow Box - 75-125 Gallon, Single Output Overflow Box


U Tube

Cylinder Foams

Nylon Screw & Wing Nut

Pre Filter Box




Tank Usage/Output - 75-125 Gallon, Single

Sorry not on a comp so couldn't paste a link. It's $69 on eBay. Also the pump I posted earlier its a 700 GPh return pump. What do I need to do to the 10 for this to work. What other things, PVC piping/fittings do I need. ?
Just ordered replacement filters for my rodi machine. Hopefully after swapping to new filters ill have a 0 ppm reading. This may of been the reason I lost so many fish, and leading to the algae that's been occupying during water changes and top offs. If this doesn't work I'm buying sw 5g boxes every other week from petco. Please someone give me input on removing my hob filter and using the 10 (if the 20 long doesn't fit) for a sump/fuge. I'd like to get it done thu-sat this weekend. Thanks. And sorry for writing so many posts I just keep thinking of new things to say/ask.
Nice Corals! Very beautiful collection.

I know garden plants are cheap in comparison, but as a perfectionist myself I must remind myself to aim for a 50-75 survival rate on my blooming plants so I don't get as frustrated about the losses.

You should be hella proud of how thriving and colorful your tank is as a whole composition! I spent the day in my garden making a river bed so I have plants on the brain, lol.

I will post my rock scape, though it is bare and only my second attempt. The first was random as I just guessed what was in the cloud of sand. But my goal was for it to look like a storm ripped through recently and jumbled rubble in a pile. No deliberate placement or building... So that piece on the right with a loop--- it's gotta go ;)


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Thanks marsh and Doug. . I've been trying so hard to make everything as perfect as I can and everything looks good and I am so upset that the ppm coming from my rodi unit is so bad. I ordered replacement filters so hopefully this will resolve the issue. Thanks for the link for the u return spout. I will be using that. I really hope I can fit a 20 long under there. The 10 was able to squeeze in when I stood it up I just don't know if the 20 will fit height wise
Gotcha. I figured it would be the same. The only way I was able to get the 10 in was by standing it up on the side and kind of swivel it in the stand. I don't think the opening would be 30 inches high.
Doug from your experience do you think ill be okay if I remove my hob filter since stated above I have lots of flow and a skimmer w/ LR if I only can put a 10 there? If I do put the 10 or 20 do I have to make chambers? How many? Thanks you've been so helpful.
I was going to use it for more water volume, as well as have macro algae in there. I would buy a simple light from home depot and use it for there to help balance ph as well on an alternating light schedule from my DT. I also would like to use it because I want to have an ATO and it seems easier with a sump/fuge set up.
Then you will need to have to divide it into at least 2 sections. With such a small tank I would suggest a bubble trap before the return also.
Thank you. I always see bio balls on e-bay when I search for tank items. What is the purpose of these? As far as the bubble trap, Would I just use foam pieces to help prevent this?
Bio balls are ok for fish only tanks, but when you are keeping inverts/corals you want to use a more efficient setup. Bio balls don't complete the nitrogen cycle. They stop after the bacteria on them convert nitrite to nitrate. Plus, they are a good place for detritus to accumulate.

As for the bubble trap, that should be a series of over and under partitions. the idea is, the bubbles dissipate before they reach the return area. Something like this-
Thank you for the picture. I get the idea now. I just have to figure out some way to use glass or plastic pieces to mount inside the tank. Now, would I need a filter sock? The water would drain out of the overflow down to the sump, go through the sock and then over/under the baffles/ through the macro algae (sand bed or no?) and then to the return pump and back up to the tank. Is this accurate?
Yes, I would have a filter sock at the intake. Otherwise, the sump will end up filling up with detritus, and will need to be vacuumed. I find changing a sock to be much easier.
With only 2 chambers in the sump, I would have the intake chamber with filter sock and algae, then bubble trap, then return area.
okay, I will do that then. I have a reef octopus hob skimmer which is on my DT. Should I remove this from the back of my DT and place it in the 10g in the return or leave it in the DT?
This is my reef octopus on my sump. Works pretty good. I just had to modify alittle.
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