Torch corals looking strange

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Feb 22, 2012
Sydney, Australia
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I've had these torch corals for about 4 to 9 months and they have been doing great until recently. Today I have noticed the gold bar torch coral (1st pic) is losing colour on some of its tentacles. Also, on all torch corals the length of the tentacles have decreased and have shrunk a little where the white base has increased in size and the actual tentacles have decreased (refer to both pics). They are in an area of moderate flow and receiving sufficient light. Parameters are:

Salinity 1.025
PH 8.4
Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate 0
Calcium 440-460
kH 12dKH
Phosphate ranges from 0.5 - 1.0

I dose Red Sea ABC+ reef foundation every 3 days as well as ABCD coral colours. I also dose 10ml of Red Sea NO3PO4x when ABC reef supplements are added. They also get spot fed frozen brine shrimp once a week.

Can anyone suggest why the discolouring as well as the decrease in size and thickness of the tentacles are happening?
First thing that jumps out is phosphate is way to high. What other corals are in the tank and are they acting normal? I kinda doubt that you need to be dosing anything unless you have an sps dominant heavily stocked reef, which I don't think is the case because with po4 that high you'd have a complaint about them
Apart from the 3 torches, I also have 2 hammers, a frogspawn, a trachiphilya, a devils hand, a long stemmed fungia and a duncan with around 30 heads on it. All these other corals are so far doing fine. Would feeding them a little something extra such as reef roids by Polyp Lab help? What is the best way to reduce the Po4 ?
Well one way is to reduce feeding the tank, so no don't feed the lps. To reduce po4 start doing large % wc's ( if 1 ppm a 50% change will drop you to .5 ppm assuming the use of 0 tds ro di is being used, another 50% will get you to .25 ppm and so on) until you get down to .03ppm or below. You can also start running some phosphate reducing media.
There is no "one supplement does it all" thing that works. You can't dose calcium and alk out of the same bottle, and you should never add anything to the tank you aren't testing for and aren't sure you need. I am betting a build up of elements is contributing to this. I would cease all supplements, and do a few water changes to remove it.
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