Using cholla wood in tank

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Oct 15, 2022
I have some questions about adding cholla wood to my tanks. I have two 20 gallon tanks: one has livebearers in it and the other one has mainly tetras.

I separated the 2 types of fish so that I could provide the right water parameters for them. We have very soft water in our taps here, so I add Seachem Equilibrium to my guppy tank to harden the water. I have a GH and KH testing kit, so I'm on top of that.

I have 2 pieces of cholla wood which I would like to add to the tanks. From what I've read, it sounds like wood lowers ph in aquariums which I'm assumin wouldn't be great for the guppy tank. However, I also read that tannins are good for guppies. Should I add the wood to the guppy tank or would it make maintaining the water hardness and ph too difficult?

I am currently soaking the wood to leech out excess tannins.
Some driftwood will drop the pH, other wood won't. there's no real way of telling just by looking at the wood so put it in a container of water and monitor the pH. If it drops, then the wood will drop the aquarium pH.
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