Very sick Oranda - time to let go?

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Agree with the salt not sure I agree with the 'death sentence' of a 1.0 nitrite. While levels above .25 are stressful they are typically (read that as almost always) non lethal. If there is documentation that disputes that i would be interested in the link.

Not suggesting anyone should aim for levels above zero just not sure I agree with the ultimate urgency of 80-100% water changes either
Certainly did not mean nitrite of 1 is "death sentence" .... lethality depends on O2 level, fish's condition, etc.

But: Fish is in distress, so opt to treat the fish, not some test result level.
And: Water changes (even excessive ones) are not harmful.
So why not do extra pwc?
It's a week out from the 100% water change, and it's mostly status quo. He hasn't eaten in a week and just hangs on the bottom. We've been doing 30% water changes daily. I've been testing the water prior to changes and have found it consistently around:
Ammonia = 0
NitrAte = 10 or less
NitrIte - 1.0 or less (Not much gradient difference between .5 and 1.0)

Am I being impatient or should we be turning the corner soon? Since over the past 3 weeks he has eaten so little is it possible that he's not putting out much if any waste and the cycle is stuck in neutral?
Another question - I just found what I hope is a suitable 29 gallon tank with stand around the corner from my apartment on Craig's List. (Living in NYC, the convenience alone of not having to carry a tank on buses or subways is a huge plus). As I continue to do my daily water changes from the present tank, am I smart to begin filling the new tank with the old water? Leaks aside (the seller said there are none - he's only had it a year or so) are there any other things I should watch out for or take into consideration as I try to setup this new tank?
If I were in your situation, I wouldn't bother putting the old tank water into the new tank--the beneficial bacteria that you need isn't in the water in high enough quantities to matter (from what I understand; someone please correct if I give bad advice!). If you're going to be using different gravel in the new tank, then I would mix in a bit of the old gravel to establish the bacteria (or I think I saw an alternative which would be to put the gravel from old tank into an unwashed nylon so that it can be removed). The tank ornaments/rocks/filters also contain the beneficial bacteria that you need.

I recently upgraded my betta from a 1 gal. tank to a 5 gal. and I transfered the old gravel into the new tank as well as the plant from the tank.
If you move EVERYTHING from your old tank into the new, you won't have to worry about a cycle at all <assuming that your old tank is now cycled ... if not, it will still not set you back in the process.>

The safest way to do the move would be to test the tank for leaks & make sure all equipment is working (run it for a day), then move everything from the old tank over .... including the filter. <You will be running both filters for a few week until the bacteria got established in the new filter.> If the decor/substrate from the old tank is not what you want, you can put it in mesh bags in the new tank, and remove them a bit at a time over the next few weeks.

Apart from the lethegy, is there anything else you noticed on the fish ... ragged fins, spots?? Often fish that had been through a cycle will be stressed & have lowered immunity so opportunitic infections sets in - eg finrot or ich - & that might need to be dealt with. If there is nothing else, then all I can suggest is to keep the water condition pristine & hope he will turn the corner.
Thank you all for your help and suggestions. Unfortunately Wednesday evening it became evident that he was losing his struggle so I freed him from his misery using the baking soda method described here on the site. I felt horrible but knew it was the best course of action for him.

I have continued to set up the 30 gallon tank and plan to create a new home for a couple of fancy goldies. I've ordered an Eheim 2215 which should arrive early next week. My plan is to use ammonia and Bio Spira to complete a fishless cycle of the new tank before adopting any inhabitants. A friend has a thriving guppy population so I'm going to take a couple of males to put in the Biorb.

It's been a difficult few weeks but thanks to everyone's help I've learned a lot about ways to avoid some of my mistakes.
So sorry to hear about your loss .... You did your best for him.

Good luck & have fun setting up your new tanks.
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