vortech MP10 Vs MP10w?

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Nov 23, 2008
Can someone explain the difference between these 2 units? I understand the w means wireless, but what is wireless about it? If I don't by the w units, can they still work in concert with each other?

So, no need to go with the Wireless vortechs? That saves $100 if I won't need it.

I am not springing for the Radion lights, so no need for syncing there...

Hilarious thread you linked...
I think (and take this as you see fit) that two MP10 ES opposing each other will give you some great flow... and most likely not need to be at 100% peak either. I run my single MP10 at about 75% max on my tank with pretty similar dimensions. Since I'm guessing you're going to have an sps dominant tank, the higher flow from the two, mixed with different flow patterns, should give you just what you want. JMIEO (just my inexperienced opinion).
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