Walmart Tank (kit) lightbulb broke...

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Nov 23, 2005
Iowa, USA
in my 29 gallon aquarium, so my fish are now living off my desk lamp for a day or so. I called Walmart and asked if I could get it replaced, and they said they weren't sure and just to stop in the store and see.

Question is....should I throw out the broken bulb entirely and get a better bulb from Petco/Petsmart? Thanks.
Short answer, sure.

I assume it's an 18 or 24" flourescent (the number on the end might be handy to bring with you (write it down, don't stick a piece of broken glass in your pocket))

It will often say something like F15T8 Which is a 15W T8 bulb or something similar. if you are unsure of the length, measure the space in the fixture and find one that measures the same.

AquaGlo are a nice bulb that are low cost.
light isnt really needed except for plants and you watching. ive never seen a 29 gallon with an incandescent fixture so.. i usually get my bulbs from like menards or home depot. around 7$.
Really? I've heard that fish need light every day like people do, and turned off at night.
Jackiee said:
Really? I've heard that fish need light every day like people do, and turned off at night.

You are correct. Krap101 meant a lot of light isn't needed unless you keep plants.
Fish do still need a day/night cycle.

Honestly, all WalMart fish equipment is junk. The only thing I buy at walmart are fish nets and airline tubing...which means I don't really buy anything there ;)
Wal-Mart is the undiscribably most ruthless hornswagaling department store(next to sears that is)that I know of as I am in small buissness and haft to deal with trying fix the junk they sell every day. :evil:
Thanks for everyone's fast replies!

It turned out to be the whole hood that was a piece of junk, so they replaced it free of charge. But, I'm going to get a better hood at Petsmart sometime soon.
i think i went to petsmart and the hood for a 29 gallon was 30-40$. for 65 you get the 29 gallon and a hood?
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