Watchman goby?

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Feb 20, 2011
The other day at my dads freinds house i saw a watchman goby and thought it looked cool and was very interesting what are your experiences with this fish and/or any special needs?
The other day at my dads freinds house i saw a watchman goby and thought it looked cool and was very interesting what are your experiences with this fish and/or any special needs?

They are a pretty cool goby and easy to care for.....they like to hide and make a burrow by flow so that the food sweeps by them....

heres a cool article on the yellow watchman goby

Yellow Watchman Goby

IME i had a couple gobys and they are easy to care for but are also known as jumpers lol
I have a yellow watchman goby, he's pretty cool. He was only yellow for like a month though, he changed to a grey color and hasn't changed back. :-(

But overall an easy and fine fish, gets along with everyone pretty much.
I have a yellow watchmen goby it is pretty mellow. They get along well with other fish. But there jumpers so I have a tight fitting lid.
My lid is good but in the back there were gaps for filters so i took a marble notebook cover,fitted it and taped it down tight do you thinks thats alright and is he good with 2 occelaris clowns,2blue/green chromis,a sexy shrimp and a cleaner shrimp along with a few snails and hermits also will he eat flakes and pellets?and lastly if my cyno bacteria isnt gone by the time i get it will he be ok?
They are pretty cool. A watchman goby paired with a pistol shrimp is honestly one of the things that got me into the hobby.
If you have a hole in your lid, they will jump and get out, I have lost them jumping thru egg crate
This is my pink spotted watchman goby. I had him for 13 yrs till he died just recently.

Is the yellow watchman a popular fish because if my lfs has to specifically get a fish that i want they will but they tend to be a lil more expencive
I had a Pink Spotted Watchman for two years and he was great. Moved the sand around a lot and burrowed a home. Never bothered any other fish or invertebrate I had. Sadly he some how snuck through a small hole by my light bar and died while I was at work. My sure you have a secure lid!
I love my Tiger pistol shrimp and watchman goby pair. They dig dens right in front of the tank so I can always see them. the watchman is very yellow still with bright blue spots on his body. IMO if I set up a 10g tank and kept only one thing in it it would be a Watchman Tiger pistol pair. In fact I am converting my 25g Nano into a 75g Bare bottom and am thinking about doing a 5.5g Nano just for them beings they need sand.
Cool now i know what to do with my 10g after im done using it to QT all my new fish!and would i need to worry about the tiger shrimp thing breaking the tank?
Oh i thought they both did,but dont pistol shrimp make a popping noise?
OniTweak said:
Yes they do. But can be loud but not loud enough to hurt anything.

Yes it is very loud. I have been woken up at night because of my tiger pistol snappin away. I cant say that it is non agressive though. Took a leg off my peppermint shrimp.
Ive had mine about 4 months. Doing great, got a couple of camel shrimp and the watchman goby has become their protector.

Here's my Wheeler's goby......Eats pretty much anything I throw at him....


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Wow those are cool im prob getting a yellow watchman,do you think that he will do something like with ur camel shrimp to my cleaner and id love to see more pics of your gobies!
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