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May 23, 2003
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There are soooo many to choose from!! What do you recommend using for a freshwater tropical tank? I am currently using novaqua/amquel for a gallon tank with my new Betta but I don't feel that it is the same because I do a full water change every third day. I have heard contradictory things about Amquel/NovAqua and would like to know what you think?
I use stress coat and ammolock 2
How come you do a full water change every 3 days? you should only do about 20% water change every 10 days or so.
I don't use any type of conditioner on my FW tanks. Are you on city/county water? If so, you will need to add a dechlorinator. IMO, that's the only necessary additive though.
I have a question in regards to water conditioners. I use RO water in my freshwater tank, Should I be adding anything to it, I mean do the conditioners actually do anything, or is it more psyhomatic? I mean if adding things to help out the fishes slime coat, and trace elements for my plants ACTUALLY does something then I am all for it.
When using RO water, I wouldn't believe you would need to add anything. There should be no chorine/chloramine in RO water.

Some of the added benefits of some decholrinators is that they add electrolytes into the water. However, aquarium salt will do the same thing and is much cheaper to buy.

If I were you, I wouldn't use anything. Should be fine...
Thats what I figured.. Kind of like additives for you motor oil.. Even though every owners manual tells you not to put them in.. Thanks Biggen
you've got freshwater fish living in pure RO water?!

how do you keep the PH stable, not to mention, keep them from dying of electrolyte imbalance (due to osmosis) ... adding salt is just adding salt, how about the light metals, and nonmetals that every living creature needs to survive?
Hey glmclell,

I was going to ask some of the same questions, but I figured there must be a good reason he is using 100% RO water as it isn't easy/cheap to buy/make.

Yeah, a downside of RO is that there is no buffering capacity, but that can easily be increased by adding Calcium Bicarbonate. And, like you said, there are no metals or nutrients present in the water which help both the fish and plants.
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