water hardness

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Apr 12, 2004
Madison WI
Hi all:

I was testing my water last night before I start filling my tank. I noticed my hardness (dH) is 31!!!!! I just moved into my house last year. It is well water and we have a water softener in the basement. Now I am wondering if that is even working :roll:

I am planning to test my water that goes to the outside faucet which does not run through the water softener.

Is there any chance that the water softener is working and that my tap water can be so hard?

suppose it's possible, if you use RO/DI water the chances of ending up with hard water are slim. What are you measuring at 31, what scale?
I just did some testing. And he water that goes outside (no water softener) is the exact same hardness as my internal water. So, I checked my water softener and it is set for a hardness of 40. So, I am guessing that that explains why my water hardness is stuck at 31.

I just turned that down to 15 and I'll check tomorrow to see if that made a difference. I am not exactly sure what to set it to.

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