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May 30, 2008
hi all,
due to some advice of lance about beating cyano, he said i need more water movement, so i went out and got myself 2 more koralias. one more number 3 and a number 2. positions them as follows, number3 top right back of tank pointing down on the lr, number 3 top middle back of tank pointing down on to the front glass and lr, and number 2 top left side of tank pointing down on to sand. fish love the differant currents and the cyano is no way need as bad. but i am not sure if i went over the top in a 48" tank. because i cant find a spot when i can put my mushroon when it wiil be happy. ever since i added the phs, the polps have not been fully out like they was. have i added to much or will they get use to the extra movement. thanks.
Hmm, I never had much luck with more movement and cyano (especially once it has set in). Added flow does seem to keep it from setting in. I would look at removing the problem, like less feeding, less lighting and checking your nitrAtes and phosphates.
On the phs, try the two pointing down, like you have now and the middle straight and put your mushrooms in the middle and see if that helps....
cheers roka, will re point ph. as for the cyano, i am feeding only every otherday and rising frozen foods which i was not doing before. i also when i do pwc i try and net as much out.
great article on cyano melosu. well i think iam doing everything right to get rid. i might of stocked up abit to quickly but 4 of my fish was from my smaller tank before i up graded to my 100gallon. since i have added 3 more 1 a month. i feed every other day, rise the frozen food. just added 2 more ph. pwc 10% every week with RO/DI. have i missed anything.
How old are your lights and hoe long do you run them?
lights are fairly new, got them 2nd july so that makes them 5 weeks old.
they come on 10.30am and off 9.15pm. i thought cyano didnt feed off the lights.
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