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Nov 28, 2002
Maine , USA
I am doing the initial research on getting a marine tank going and have a question on the H20, I have read about the virtues and how the RO/DI filters work, And am wondering if you Need to have one of these ? If not what water should I use ? The filters seem quite expensive. I have read that tap water is not good due to the minerals etc...in the water so what do I use? I am only a minute from the icy North Atlantic, Should I use real seawater ??

thanks in advance

RO/DI water is very pure water, the impurities of tap water and sometimes well water and sometimes even distilled water can causer algae to grow unchecked in a reef tank. If you are not going to start a reef tank with high intensity lights, then it is unlikely that you need a RO/DI filter, although you would almost certainly benifit from it. Test your tap water for PO4, Nitrate, nitrite and ammonia, might also check the CA and ALK, some people have very good water coming straight from the tap. For good prices on RO/DI units check ebay.
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