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Jul 25, 2007
Southern California
I have one of those wavemakers that basically alternates the power from one powerhead to the next back and forth. Does anybody know of a powerhead that can handle the constant on/off cycle every few minutes? I really want to get the Hydor Koralia 3 because I like how there are NO suction cups. I am tired of my suction cup poweheads and want to make the switch to magnets. Plus I like how they do not have the long cone part like the MaxiJets have, just for aesthetic reasons. But I have heard mixed feelings about using them with a wavemaker. Here is a link to the wavemaker I have JBJ Ocean Pulse - DUO Wavemaker (2 pump Capacity), External > Wavemakers > Saltwater Aquarium Supplies
MaxiJet and Seio ph's can run on a wavemaker. The Maxi's will rattle everytime they restart. I'm not sure about the noise the Seio's would make, but there is a wavemaker made by Seio for their ph's. Hydor does not recommend using Koralia's on a stop/start wavemaker.
There are MJ mod kits that increase the flow drastically, but after you buy the ph, the mod kit and magnet mounts, you will probably end up spending more than the prop pump costs. I would suggest the Seio 1000.
The only pump similar to the Koralia that can be used on a wave maker is the Tunze Nano Stream 6055. Tunze designed it to be used with their multi controller. The cost is pretty high for the Tunze. For the money you would spend on that I would just get a Ecotech Marine Vortec MD20 or MD40W. The MD40W is about $400 but the programability is amazing. I don't know if the MD20 is out yet but it is supposed to be much less expensive. I'm planning getting at least 1 MD40W for my 120 and will probably end up getting 2.
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