Webcam for the tank

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Jun 20, 2012
Sewell, NJ
I have a couple of old smartphones laying around that I'd like to repurpose as webcams to keep an eye on my tank, or just pull it up while I'm at work to "zen out", so to speak.

What I've noticed, however, is that I need to position the phone about 2ft out from the tank to get the entire tank (a 40 breeder) in the shot. Has anyone had any experience with the wide angle and/or fisheye lens attachments for cell phones so that I could position it closer?

Are there other cameras that might be better suited, or is my goal of a full tank view unrealistic?
I can't help with the question unfortunately but I'm curious how you connect them to stream the video. Is there an app?
I have a live streaming webcam that people can control. (link in my sig).

There are numerous apps to convert a smartphone into a usb webcam.
how far from the tank is that, and how much of the tank is in the field of view? (and what camera?)
The camera is 18-24 inches from the tank.

It's a 55 gallon so about half the tank width-wise and about half height wise is visible. But, you can control the camera to see the rest of the tank

The camera is a Foscam FI9821P which I bought at

I have the camera feed embedded in our webpage for anyone to see and control but that takes more effort and knowledge to setup. Fiscal also has an app for phones or a web address for you log into the camera remotely to control as well.
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