well i can see the back now

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Jul 11, 2002
well after my alge bloom incident i can finally see the back of my tank 3 ft into the tank still pretty green i have only done 1 water change no fish but i got plants opps 1 fish my pleco but i havent seen him in 48 hours??? so what do i do now that i almost have my problem under controll this alge is free folating and not attaching its self to objects like ive seen other alge do i vaccume it up off the floor of the tank and there is alot of dead stuff there

do i leave then tank to run for another month
or do i put cycling fish in there now and keep up on water and filter changes?

recently i cut back the light by 50% bulb strength and lessened it to about 11 hours of light a day that coupled with alge destroyer seems to have helped a great deal any sujestions????

my thoughts were to let the tank alone for a while so the alge would burn its self out after all the food sources where gone from starting it up the first time
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