Wet/Dry Filtration and Heater Settings

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Apr 18, 2007
I just switched to a 180 TruFlo Wet/Dry Filtration and was looking forward to keeping my heater out of my tank and just have it heat the water in the sump as it passes back to the tank. However, setting the heater for 82degrees achieved a 90 degree temp in the tank?

Is it standard to have to lower the temp when running a heater in a sump vs. the physical tank?

Curious, do you usually keep your setting at 82 or did you recently increase it? Post on heater settings.

I assume the sump is a new addition and the pump could be heating the water, is it reaching 90 degrees overnight also or just during the day with the lights on? What type of lighting do you have? Is the room air conditioned? What type of pump are you using in the sump?

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