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I would get a sump and a skimmer. Leaving out the bioballs and filter media. The contained skimmer probably isn't suitable for a 30g let alone a 75 (mine has never really worked very well at all). I have a proclear 200, I think. I should have just gotten a sump and put some rock rubble in it. Oh well. Live and learn!
what is the difference between a sump and a wet/dry.....or is it the same
sump has no bio balls and the chambers are set up a little different.


sells sumps so you can see them.. I like them I have the reef devil set up on my reef and a old w/d converted into a sump with a reef devil skimmer on my fowlr. You can also make your own sump with a fish tank and some glass for baffles
I really need some help please!!!! I have bought a used aquarium and I cannot seem to get the over flow to flow. I have it all set up and do not know what to do with that part. I have no manual. Tank is 125 and the fiter is a bio ball aqua crear system. Can anyone offer some advise?:(
A picture would help. Normally there is a overflow box that sits in the tank, a U tube that connects the inside overflow to the outside overflow and the outside connects to your sump then back to your tank.
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