What Made You Want A Freshwater Aquarium?

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I liked the colors that were on the fish so I begged my parents for one and now I'm breeding guppies
Comfort level and expense. Also size. I can have a 56 gallon tank, which is more than adequate for a planted freshwater tank but on the small size for a marine tank. I do hope to have a marine tank at some point. We plan on relocating in five to seven years, so possibly then. I can make sure the next place has a good spot for a 75 to 125 gallon tank.
My partner is OBSESSED with fish and fishing and has always wanted an aquarium.

I did months of research in order to surprise him with a cycled tank with fish in when he got back from holiday at christmas - anyway long story short, I ended up obtaining a 350L tank which was too heavy fro me to install by myself -surprise spoiled.

I am doing most of the fish care and find it all extremely interesting - and all our fish are named because I'm a child at heart. he mostly enjoys and does any heavy lifting (bucket water changes for us unfortunately)

We now have a 20L and 40L going through fishless cycle which I talked him into :D
When I was a kid my dad always had aquariums. Naturally I took interest and that interest led to a needy obsession where all I wanted to read about was fish and aquariums. I had two ten gallons in my room when I was ten. I've had multiple fish tanks in between. My dad had a 75 gallon salt water reef aquarium and a 29 gallon (?) Nano cube that was also a reef aquarium. When we moved the fish didn't survive so he did fresh water in the 75 G. The 75 gallon he had is the one I have now as nd I decided to try cichlids in it.
I ended up into fish...actually I think it started about 15yrs back when I was like 7 or something. I remember stories of our first fish from when my brother and I were like 3 or something but I don't remember her much beyond her name being Sunshine and her being a bright orange goldfish. My first true experience with fish was when I was 7 and my family had a 30-ish gallon tank we kept in the living room. I don't remember much about it other than it being stocked with dwarf gouramis my brother and I picked for their bright colours. Loved gouramis ever since though.

Anyways, ended up fishless for a couple years then got back into it when my family 'inherited' a 25 gallon cube tank from a friend of ours when they had to move to the States. My brother ended up with it, but since we shared a room I kind of stole it from him. Kept community fish in that for the most part; mostly had tetras back then with a couple of more unique fish (black ghost knife, bala, that sort of thing) and a plecostomus, Goliath, who is the only fish I can remember having a name for. Almost all of the fish came from our friends, but I kind of wince when I remember it now since I know what those kind of fish really need now. I wish I had known better, but I was a youngin then and not the internet savvy person I am now.

When my brother eventually gave up his ultra-aggressive uromastix, he asked if we could swap tanks (50 gallon long for the 25 cube) I agreed to it. My family cleaned that out, cycled it with fish, and kept community fish in there for a while with a couple of African Dwarf Frogs. Despite having kept multiple pairs of livebearers never did end up with fry though, at least none that I noticed.

Eventually tried out african cichlids after a little bit, kept Goliath with them who had by that point grown to be a foot long monster. Had to take him to the LFS because he was outgrowing the tank. Then came high school and I had to spend more time studying than doing my hobby so I gave it all away.

Now, eight years later I get a Betta fish in a cube gallon tank for Christmas and I am back into the hobby. I asked why and my dad, who got me the betta for Christmas, said that he was trying to think of what to get me since I am 'hard to buy for' as he was driving downtown and ended passing by the fish store. Instantly thought of me when he did so. :facepalm: I guess taking to the scuba diving lessons we took together like a fish takes to water didn't really help disassociate me from my fish-keeping past.

My birthday is less than a month away, and I am really hoping for a couple of LFS cards to spend on a bigger tank for my betta and figuring out how to keep using the gallon cube. Curse you Multiple Tank Syndrome!!
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I've had different aquariums throughout my life. I'm 53 & Dr.'s have slowed my life down alot because of health issues. So I started a 10 gallon tank last year, with a few guppies, & a few blue gouramis. I've recently up-graded to a 39 gallon bowfront with alot more guppies, only 1 gourami, added a pleco, 2 snails & an accidental pictus catfish, (it was marked in the store as a clown pleco, but after searching on-line & looking in other stores he's definitely a pictus). I don't get out like I used to, but my fish help me alot. I enjoy watching them. It really helps my boredom to watch & care for them.
When I was a little kid my best friend's neighbor had a custom made tank in the entrance of his home. It was beautiful and I've wanted one ever since then
I have had a 30 foot pond in my garden for more years than I can remember but then my neighbor's cat moved in, after all fish was eaten we decided to get rid of the pond, on emptying it we found one small gold fish.
I got a 2 foot tank for him but then we gave him to a friends pond.
I now have two tanks both 2 foot 60ltr with 22 fish, guppys, neons glow lights.
I am tempted to try Killifish from the eggs.
My father in law has 23 aquariums ranging from 200g down to 10g . He also has 11 bettas each in 5g tanks and a huge pond with koi fish outside. He got me into the whole aquarium world and fell in love ever since!! I now have a 55g, 29g, 20g and 10g and will be getting a 70g this Tuesday, can't wait!!
My love of freshwater fish began when I was about 8 years old. My grandmother had a HUGE red eared slider and on weekends she would feed her turtle live feeder goldfish. Well, weekends were also for us to visit and spend time with her. I remember watching these gorgeous little fish shimmering, swimming around, some with long flowing fins and I was fascinated. I began by secretly sneaking some out and putting them in a large vase my mom had in the kitchen. I of course ended up killing them due to lack of knowledge. I took it upon myself to finally sit my mother down and asked her to take me to the local fish store so that I could ask them how to properly care for my new pets. Well, that trip turned out to be the day I fell in love with setting up a tank and began my journey in the hobby. It has been years since I set up any fish or even had any as pets. In January 17' I brushed off the old skills and got back into it. I am extremely happy I have. I have a 2.5G running right now for about 4 months and the MTS (multi-tank-syndrome) struck again! I have purchased 2 eheim 6G's (setting up bio-tope style) and in the process of shopping around for a fairly large 30+ saltwater showcase tank! Hoping to save up enough for a Innovative Marine Drop Off Reef tank! I'm also new to this forum/blog so i am EXTREMELY HAPPY to see like minded individuals with similar interests! woot woot.
If you had told me years ago that u would one day be addicted to keeping fish, I would have laughed at you.

Back when my kids were young I would do things I thought would fascinate them, such as catching a frog and keeping it for a few days, or keeping a caterpillar to see it cocoon and see what it would turn into.
It always turned out that I was the fascinated one, while the kids' interest was short lived.

So, it should not have come as any surprise that when I decided to do the Triops thing for the kids, it would evolve through getting a betta and into a full blown fishkeeping habit for me.

Over the years I went through all kinds of fish and phases, including brackish and a 20 gallon reef.

The reef became too much when parenting got too busy to keep up with it, so I went back to fresh, and now that's all I have.

At one point I had 5 tanks of various sizes going, though the biggest I have ever done is my current 20 long.

I don't see myself ever doing more again or going bigger. The one is just right for me.
My dad always had fish when I was little (about 60 years ago). He taught me how to care for them, what t species they were,always Mollies, Guppies & some Tetras & how to choose a healthy fish, change water etc. For some reason (mom) he stopped.
When my daughter was born I decided to get back into the hobby.We lived in a studio in NYC. In the beginning a bought just a 10 gallon kit. then another then fry tanks I landed up with 10 tanks on every flat surface in the apt.
When I decided to move to Florida I took my fish with me. They were put in special shipping containers. The pet shop had battery operated filters. The gravel & filter and decorations went on the moving truck. They had a bare tank with a battery filter for about a week.
I set the tank back up using faucet water.Within weeks I started losing fish. I bought new ones at the local and only pet shop. The fishes died. I just gave up at that point.
Last year I found a tank on the curb the sign said 29 gallon tank. I took it then a friend on Face book posted a picture of her tank and the love of the hobby came back after a 29 year hiatus I decided to try again.
Now I'm trying with live plants, new types of filters, a much larger tank.
Starting from nothing is a lot different that starting with a kit.
So far I haven't killed the fish or plants even with all the mistakes I made.
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I was always fascinated with fish, and one day I decided to make the jump to get a freshwater tank. I wanted freshwater because saltwater seemed to be a lot of work, and as I was making my decision I noticed that the marine fish didn't seem to have the interesting personality of freshwater. Some people when I tell them I have a freshwater tank ask me why not a marine. I always answer "because i like freshwater more". Every time I buy a fish I see it as adopting or saving a fish from almost certain death at a pet store. Which is why every time I go to the pet store I want to take them all home with me.

I started out with a 13 gallon tank with 5 neon tetras, 5 gold barbs, and one peppered cory catfish. 1 of the neons still resides in my newer 45 gallon as well as 3 out of 5 of the original gold barbs, and the catfish (affectionately nicknamed whiskers). I love this hobby and hope to expand my knowledge as being part of this forum. Maybe expand into more advanced fish, live plants, among other things. I hope the people of this forum will be happy to guide me along in my endeavors.
I got interested when I was in First Grade. My teacher had an aquarium in her classroom with black mollies in it. I would finish my work and go sit in front of it and watch them swim around.

The Teacher must have told my parents because I got a 10 Gallon setup for my birthday. My first setup had 3 fish in it with a Hagen Air pump and a filter that sat upright in the tank. It was one of those that you had to put charcoal and floss in. I was going through my supplies and found some of the floss I bought over the years until I switched to under gravel filters
Ever since I was a little kid I have been fascinated with aquatic creatures. My parents bought a 10 G tank with several fish. They were clearly not experienced at this because I remember they had 3 neons, an Angel, a pleco and 3 danios. But I loved the Angel.

I wasn't able to get my first tank until after my kids were born. This time I got myself a 20 G long. Just some sword tails and a snail. And I was hooked. Over the next 3 years, my tank size miraculously grew to a modest 65 G (my swordtails went to a new home with a friend with children) which I had 2 bonded pair Angels, 7 julii corys and 3 panda corys, and a bushy nosed pleco. All seemed to be thriving and spawning. Then I moved to a small city with extremely hard water and I lost everything in little over a month.

I took a hiatus. But now I'm back at it with 2 tanks. I have a 25 G with barbs and Similis corys. They are so much fun to watch. I'm still cycling a 30 G. I am hoping to make it a home for dwarf cichlids. But one day I do hope to set up in my basement an African cichlid tank. That is my goal.
Hello all,

I grew up in South Africa. We had a family fish tank from when I was about 6 or 7.... way back in the early 70's. We live out in the sticks so almost never got to the pet shop except the few times my dad went to get stuff for the tank, It was almost a religious event .... the kind you get dressed up for !!! ... well, almost !

One day we suffered a nitrite spike .... although at the time I did not know what it was. I just saw milky water. By the time my dad got to the scene, it was too late and all the fish had died. My dad just emptied the tank, filled it up again and just left the plants in. It stayed like that for a while and I wanted some fish in but we were just not getting to the pet shop any time soon. Living out in the sticks had its advantaged though cos we had a creek that ran through the property.

I dutifully went there to look for some fish cos it was water so there must be fish there right ? And true to form, I found some and I devised a plan with my little brother to catch some. We succeeded in catching 3 and we decided to surprise my dad by puttoing them in the tank at home. I could not tell you what kind they were. But they look so cool. within a week we had hair algae that covered the tank. No, it choked the tank, fish, plants and snails. This was too much for my dad and so he got rid of the tank ....

At age 10 I bought my first fish tank at a school fair. It was a tub made of perspex, about 20 lit. It had un underground filter, two air pumps and a lid. One weekend, I rode my bike 43 km to the pet shop to spend my saved pocket money on some fish for my tank. I remember it was a blistering hot day. I got there and the lady at the store thought I was going to pass out. She got me something to drink and sat me down to cool down a bit. I told her I wanted to buy some fish for my tank and that I had come 43 km to do so. This lady would not let me ride back. She called my dad to come fetch me which did not impress him one bit.

After a while, waiting for my dad, I was able to choose the fish I wanted. My money bought me 4 guppies, 2 swordtails and 2 plattys and a snail ... a white one. The kind lady even gave me 4 valisnaria plants and a lotus bulb and a pot of TetraMin fish flakes.

My dad came, we loaded the bike in the car and I proudly showed my dad the fish I had bought with my own money (that was a very big deal back then when I was 10) . I am guessing here but he saw how committed I was to having this tank, and although not impressed and probably fuming under the hood, he did not say anything.

This adventure got me into my hobby of aquariums and I have had at least one tank ever since then. My original tank stayed with me right up until I left South Africa in '99 although it was "demoted" to being and equipment bin once I got bigger tanks. I have made many also. I have always had Amazonian fish though.

Currently I live in Switzerland and have 4 tanks, a 190 lit, a 130 lit and 2 60 lit. Only the 190 has any inhabitants at the moment. The 130 is and Anubia tank and the 2 60's are being set up for shrimp. This weekend I am fetching a 250 lit tank someone no longer wants and I am always game for a free tank !

My adventure in the aquarium word has been rich; eventful, stressful, tiresome, exilirating, euphoric .... It is probably this that keeps me interested. It keeps me young and my kids are all taking it up too, one by one .... So I guess I shall aways have at least one aquarium in my home somewhere.
I used to love my Mom's best friends freshwater tanks, I especially loved watching the little neons, and then soon after developed a love for angel fish, so around the middle of March this year I found a lightly used 20 gallon tank with everything included accept a heater plant and fish, so I set it up in April, and now I am hooked, and am looking to set up another tank (37 gallons this time) I already have the tank just have to add to it.
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