What makes a good skimmer?

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May 15, 2004
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Since I'm once again skimmer shopping I can't help but wonder what makes a high dollar skimmer better than a $50 ebay skimmer. Almost all the skimmers I can find be it a euro-reef, turboflotor, or other are venturi driven and from the looks should work the same. Some have different shaped chambers (prizm :roll: ), but function-wise are the same. The exception seems to be the aqu c brand with its water jet.

So really, what's the difference between them?
Venturi skimmers are quite noisy for one.
I guess how easy it is to setup and maintain is important. And how much skimmate it produces. I really have very limited knowledge since I just purchased my first skimmer not too long ago. I got a Remora C skimmer because it got good reviews from folks who have used other skimmers in the past. I also wanted a no fuss skimmer to install and didn't want to be tweaking it or adding mods to make it work better. So i dished out a little more dough and got the Remora. The install to get it working correctly is pretty much just place the skimmer where you want it and plug the bad boy in.
yeah, my Prizm is loud, and it finally did it's "oh, you adjusted me a fraction too high...so I'm gonna over-fill the cup in 20 minutes" trick.
I'm pretty much planning to get a CPR bak-pak by the end of the year. It'll fit a little nicer too.
Basically it comes down to bubbles production. All skimmers produce bubbles but some produce more than others. And by a signifigant amount!Also some bubbles are smaller than others. The smallr the bubble the better. Material that the skimmer is made from also pays a big role in price and durability! Botom line is you will get what you pay for. I think the best deals going right now for a skimmer is the AquaC EV series.
How does the urchin pro and the ev's compare. Preferably something in the plug in and leave alone categories. Bear in mind I don't really want to drop a grand on a skimmer.
Look at Darrins website (captivereefs.com) and compare. His prices are very reasonable. All of the Aqua C's are easy to install and they are plug in and leave alone...I have 2 Aqua C's.
I bought the CPR Bak Pak 2R based on its good reviews and I am quite happy with it. Its simple, easy to maintain, and very quite considering the millions of bubbles shooting through it.

If I were you, I would look into either the CPR Bak Pak 2R or the Aqua C Remora. both are very highly rated.
save for a aqua C Remora, you won't be disapointed....

Why settle for something when in a few more weeks u can get one of the best...
The EV is a more powerful skimmer than the Urchin because it uses a larger pump and reaction chamber. For a Hang on The Aqua C skimmers are by far the best!
I think indy is asking for his new 110 gal.. so those hob skimmers won't be enough.
Good catch atari. It's for my new tank, 115g with a 30g fuge. I don't think my prizm is going to cut too much mustard on it. I really can't knock it though. Once it was adjusted it is working fairly decent. I found out it wasn't working properly recently which coincided with my 1st cyano outbreak. I broke it down, cleaned it out, and 2 days later cyano is dead. Get this, I found a dead moth blocking the venturi :roll: . I don't remember reading anything regarding maintenance and moths in the instructions.

Completely off topic but an interesting side note. It is soooo easy to preach pateince when it's not your new tank cycling :lol:
indy said:
Completely off topic but an interesting side note. It is soooo easy to preach pateince when it's not your new tank cycling :lol:

I have had my new tank since the end of May and I STILL don't have fish in it yet! :eek:
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