whats the best protein skimmer

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Feb 22, 2007
hello fellas, im finally setting up my tank but i need to know what is the best kind of protein skimmer to get, what brand , for a 50 gallon there are only 2 diffferent kinds at Lfs, thanks
Ask this question to 5 different people and you'll get 5 different answers :)

I like the Aqua-C Remora brand of skimmers. Very productive and a great price. EuroReef is maybe one of the best around, but you'll pay a lot more for it. Only thing I would reccomend is staying away from the Seaclone. While it does work, there are other things out there that are much much better.

Which 2 does your LFS carry?

If you want a good skimmer that will work well on your tank and is similar to the EuroReef (my fav!!) look in to the ASM G series skimmers. They use the same pumps that EuroReef uses and cost a lot less. They will perform very well and I believe you could get away with the ASM G1 it is rated at 100 gallons but I think it could handle more like a 75 well stocked tank. I personally have a ASM G4+ with the recirc mod...I've only just added it to my system and can't report on the performance yet.

I would suggest buying your skimmer online instead of at an LFS...they jack the prices way too high!!!
Easy answer is as best as you can afford. My stock list post has a couple listed but there are many more to choose from.

Do you need a hob skimmer or do you have a sump?
I use the excalibur brand skimmer. I am very satisfied with it. As Lindsay said you will get many different answers on this.
I agree, you will get quite a bit of answers, but I would go with the majority, (except I am planning on trying an Excaliber...nudges Mike...). Aqua C and Bak Pacs seem to be in the majority.
i have the big seaclone version and i have alot of micro bubbles but not creating enough bubbles to get to the collection cup. :(
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