When can i add corals?

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Jun 21, 2009
ok so i have a 29 gallon biocube it has been done with its cycle for 4 days i know right now is a way early but i added 3 green chromis 3 days ago and they are doing good, nitrites still are zero same with nitrates and ammonia; so overall the tank has almost been running for 3 weeks i am going on vacation for a week and when i get back will actually be able to put in clowns according to the lfs, but i cant wait to get some corals in there can anyone tell me about how long i would need to wait before i can put them in and also some hardy suggestions would be appriciated

Well, as im sure you've heard before, you should wait until your tank is really established and mature to add certain corals if not all. All i know is that corals like anemone and softies should be held off until the tank is matured. Which is like 8months+ I dont really know about other corals. The only thing worse than dead fish, is buying a 50$+ coral and then having it die. That would be bad. Also, what kind of lighting do you have in your biocube? You know your going to need something like T5 HO lighting if you want to have a wide range of corals to choose from in the future.
i just have the stock lighting but probably the most expincive coral is going to be a hammer head i think its called and a torch coral
A hammer coral. I dont think that stock lighting is going to be enough. You`ll need at least PC`s.
ok well if someone can give me a list of good, hardy, colorful corals i would really appriciate it
Trust me, if you want any of the good "colorful" corals out there, then your going to want either PC lighting like melosu said, or T5 HO lights. Those lights will give you good options as far as corals go.
If I recall correctly the biocube as PC lighting. I have grown SPS coral monti cap orange under PC. THe frag was high in the tank.
The Biocube stock lighting is PC. I kept a frogspawn in my Biocube 8 and it did quite well under stock lighting. I think you can keep a hammer and torch, as they are also euphyllia species. However, the torch is a pretty aggressive coral so remember to place it far away from other corals.
I think that with the premature addition of too many fish (JMO), you should wait for things to settle. Plus, why the rush if you're going on vacation?
yeah thats what i was saying im definately not adding any corals for atleast a few weeks after i get back but even then it would only be hardy corals
Ok. Sorry that I misunderstood. I think your best bet to start off (when you're ready to) might be a small frag of zoas. They seem to like fairly low light conditions and are fairly easy IMO. Plus there are so many colors available that I'm sure you could find something that appealed to you. They also do well (as do most other softies) in less than pristine conditions where SPS thrive. Check out www.zoaid.com.
OK then you guys say it already has PC lighting? If so you`ll be OK with a hammer or frogspawn. I didnt know.
I agree with hn1 zoanthids are a very easy coral and given the right or almost right water conditions will spread like mad they were my first coral (green colony) and i have loved them ever since helps with adding more color to the tank as they come in almost every color you can name ( also you might be good with a toadstool leather coral let others give a opinion on this one)
long as your tnak is ready and if you already have the PC, then zoas,mushrooms, maybe a finger leather, they are fairly easy and low likght acceptable, I have 130 wat Pwr cmpt and I have zoas, shrooms, finger leather, a lobo brain, an open brain, a frogspawn, trumpet, encrusting montipora, a Hydnopora and a budy gave a staghorn frag just ot see how pwr cmpt wrk, Its at the top of my tnak and so far in the past 3 months it has been in the tank it has trippled in size and is seems to be doing very well....it is about 8 inches from the lights though...do a google search for low light corals, you will get a pretty good list, sun polyps are very pretty but you have to feed them, they arent photosynthetic so the light really doesnt matter for them
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