When 'Nano' is truly nano!

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Some of the guys in the NJRC have .5 to 1.0g nanos... I grovel at their feet!
Yeah, I've seen smaller, very well done nano's. Our very own Steve-s has a 3/4 gallon one. I love the tiny nanos but, don't have the patience it would take to make something like that work. :lol:
Phyl said:
Some of the guys in the NJRC have .5 to 1.0g nanos... I grovel at their feet!

Like this (also local) Razzle Dazzle 1.0G nano (the day it was set-up)?

Closeups after two weeks:




And an updated photo of the 2.5 in my original post:

I have serious small-tank-envy....I am looking to duplicate the 2.5G later this spring.
I have serious envy of people who are able to care for the small tank! I generally have more LARGE tank envy than small! :wink:
I've got a 20g, a 10g, a 2.5 gallon, and a .5 gallon.

I have a 72 in the garage that is in the process of being setup. all of the small tanks will be taken down when it is.

small tanks are good when you are trying to decide weather or not you like the hobby i think, eventually everyone wants a bigger tank.
I had to start with a 10 gallon. It's work, but not as much as I expected it to be. Maybe I got lucky, but with weekly water changes, and dosing almost nothing (I do a drop of Lugols with the water change), my tank is doing excellent. My plan was to move everything to a larger tank when I got one, but I think I will just have two salt water tanks. :) I'm about to double the capacity by adding a 10 gallon fuge, and I'm going to throw some MH lights on instead of the 64W PC i have. Hopefully I'll get a tank somewhere between a 55 and 75 by the end of the summer. I gotta see what size I like the potential of more.

I love my nano.

Phiyl, have I seen you on RC? I am a new member there. I like it alot, but the people are not as friendly or as helpful as they are here on Aquarium Advice.

Aquarium Advice rocks!

anyway, Yeah, I think the top end of nano reefs is 30 gallons. which sucks for me because I dont fit in with the Nano guys and I am to small to play with the big boys. I am all alone....

...Feels like high school all over again. :roll:
Phyl, have I seen you on RC?

Yeah, that's where the NJRC club is online so I'm over there for the club alot and like to check out the Reef Discussion while I'm there :) Definitely not as friendly. I had to read some of the posts to my husband last night, I was laughing so hard at the attitude that some of those people have. I saw a thread get closed because the moderators went haywire on the thread. Like they'd lost their minds. Makes you wonder when the Mods can't keep cool heads. It was crazy. AA is definitely "home" to me.

Feels like high school all over again.

LMAO! Too funny. Nothing like large tank envy, eh? It never ends. Even with my 120 I have large tank envy... We keep saying that when the basement is finished (if we could only get all of those HUGE boxes out of the way) we'll be putting in our BIG tank. Not sure how big big is, but it is definitely part of the plan!
I am a young professional. Which means that my disposable income is negligable. So I cannot afford anything bigger than a 37 gallon cube.

Those Nano Reefers make me so jealous. A good JBJ Nano cube tank is right around 200 bucks. and that includes tank, lights, overflow and sump!

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