Which of These Are Better Tank Mates for a Betta in a 10 gallon?

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Dec 27, 2016
Help in doing a friend set up a tank, if they do a community it'd be a ten gallon, heavily planted, with their betta and either
3 Khuli loaches
2 albino corydoras.

These fish are fish they have at home in an slightly overstocked tank, so moving them would be beneficial.
I'm leaning towards corys as I know little about khulis, plus I love corys. I know we'd need to get more corys if that's the route we went. How many more would we be able to have in the ten gallon?
I've been trying to research this but finding little. Please let me know what you think would be the best option.
I think that 5 corys would work in a 10 gallon tank.

My recommendation is that you tell your friend to start with a larger tank. A 10 gallon is luxurious for 5 or 6 fish, but fishkeepers tend to overstock. 10 gallon tanks are commonly sold as starter tanks, but experienced fishkeepers know that larger tanks are much more stable and easier to maintain. I would recommend a 20 gallon long tank.
Agree with mambee. Bigger is always better, IMO. Whether they go with kuhlis or corys, a group of 5 or more would be best. Kuhlis aren't quite schooling fish, but they prefer the company of their own kind. Corys, which are schooling fish, definitely prefer larger groups than 2.
I think either would do fine with a betta. Kuhlis rarely stray from the tank bottom, except after lights out. Corys will make frequent trips to the water surface for a gulp of air, and may explore all areas of the tank periodically, but are quick enough that the betta, if it's inclined, won't be able to harass them much.
Hey kuhli's like corys need to be in groups to feel comfortable and safe. Both require a softer substrate. I recommend sand especially for kuhli's because they are soft bodied fish. and corys might damage their barbels on hard stuff like gravel.
kuhli's get at least 7 and then if you get more try to keep them in odd numbers (idk why odd numbers that is just what a lot of people recommended when i did my research)
corys need to be in groups of a minimum of 5 with more being recommended. I think most seasoned fish owners would say get at least ten.
my kuhli's also really liked it when i got some driftwood because they could make dens to hide in during the day.

I agree that you should start off with a bigger tank.

also the more plants you have in your tank the better. and if you have kuhli's i would try to make a cave type area for them.

I have both and for a betta, corys might be better because kuhli's go crazy! at night and sometimes during the day which can be stressful for some bettas. my betta did fine with both tho. just a word of caution just in case

Good luck!
I think I'll go with the corys then. Thanks all! Trying to get my hands on a used 20 gallon. Could I comfortably have 5 or 6 albino corys in a 20 gallon with a betta?
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