Whole Tank of Mollies and Platies are sick, HELP?!

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Apr 17, 2021
Hello there,

I had 2 Platies (1 died yesterday)
And 4 Mollies in a 10 gallon tank.

Backstory: My husband brought home a tank and 3 fish 2 months ago having no clue about fish keeping so I took over and here we are. I don't know the brand of filter but I attached a pic of it along with pics of the infection my fish are fighting.

My fish cycled without losing any fish and things were great 2 weeks ago but my husband brought home 3 glofish Danios for my daughter ( her tank, I take care of it) That we ended up returning since 1 died and the tank was overcrowded. Lesson learned the hard way, as I'm sure that was where disease was brought in. I will be setting up a quarantine tank for future additions.

My water parameters: 0 ppm ammonia, 0 nitrates, 0 nitrites, 7.5 ph, between 40-80 kh, 180 gh

I change 30% water monthly.

I feed them Tetramin Tropical flakes 1x per day with 1 fasting day/week.

The temperature was 78 but I purchased an adjustable heater just in case I need to gradually increase heat.

What I thought was Ich looks completely different today. I have 3 mollies covered in white gunk. I have another mollie and platy that have minimal spots on their fins but are lethargic. They're all still eating as of last night's feed.

Treatment so far:
Sunday night did a 30% water change when I noticed white "spots" on a few tail fins and lethargy, shimmies and scraping against decorations

Monday I went to Petco and lady recommended Imagitarium Parasite Remedy, I followed directions and they've only gotten worse. 1 died yesterday (other Platy, no white gunk like in the pic)

Today (Weds) I went to PetSmart and bought Aquarium Salt and Seachem Paraguard and an adjustable heater. I installed new heater, did a 25% water change, treated new water with Aqua safe, 5 tbsp salt (per website recommend for 10 gallon) and 5ml Paraguard. I also have kept lights off and cover front of my Aquarium with a towel to keep things dark and calm.

Is this Ich, White Velvet or am I completely wrong on diagnoses?

Should I increase Temp and how much?

I am desperate to save these guys, I've invested so much research and time and have already grown attached.

Thank you if you made it this far, I know it's a novel but wanted to be thorough.


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i would say to treat them with "microbe- lift herbtana" it helps treat any parasitic diseases amd it worked well for me when one of my fish had ich.
I don’t know… that could be Columnaris (anyone?) If so, I have had success treating my four mollies for that with Kanaplex and Furan-2 together (Google how to administer together). They completely healed and it hasn’t returned :)
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