Why not the Y. Modesta, Red Tail Botia Loach?

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Jul 2, 2017
I happened upon the Y. Modesta aka: Red Tail or Blue Botia Loach quite by accident
while looking for a rugged group of scavenger fish for my grow out tank. The LFS had a small grouping of Red Tails in a display tank. I noticed that they were not shy like the majority
of Loaches, and were actively swimming under relatively bright lighting. The Modesta' s Olive green / blue coloration along with the red fins swayed me to take the plunge and buy three.
The Botia trio has been swimming in a 65 gal. Tank for over a month, with absolutely no aggression towards their Black Skirt, Red Eye and Candy Cane Tetra tankmates.
I've read that the Modestas tend to be aggressive fin nippers. Not my experience. They are more like the "Three Stooges" of the Loach world; constantly chasing each other, causing no damage. I've found them to be excellent scavengers, able to squeeze into and under any
structure In the tank searching for food.
My group of Red Tails are getting promoted to the display tank in the very near future.


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They look nice! Rather tempting. Did you happen across maximum size at all (although guessing could be different here anyways but saw anywhere between 4 to 10 inches - good old google!).
The Red Tails turned out to be a pleasant surprise. A lot of personality and not a shy reclusive loach. In the aquarium maximum size probably 7", more likely 4" - 6".
I've read numerous threads & posts regarding the more popular Loaches, but rarely Y. Modesta. IMO the Red Tails are an under rated Loach. Probably best suited for larger tanks
In a semi aggressive environment.
I don't think the Red Tails are uncommon, but not readily available in my area.
Thanks for the reply.
I transferred the Red Tail Botias from QT to the display tank yesterday. No net needed. I had to literally remove rocks from the tank and gently shake them over a bucket to remove the Botias from the holes and crevaces. The transition went smoothly. The Botias were scavaging
within minutes of release.
I was a little worried that the big cichlids and established Berdmorei Tiger Botias would attack
the Red Tails. That proved not to be the case.
The big surprise was the aggressive behavior of the dominant male Buenos Aires Tetras.
The dominant male BA tetras mark territories among the rocks during the day, then abandon the lower regions in the evening, to school with the females.
The BA males attack and chase any Red Tail that invade their space. No damage done.
Hilarious to watch.


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Stop buying these fish.. come on man.. there are plenty of beautiful fish out there naturally occurring..
It's a compulsion; I can't help myself!!! Always looking for something new and never satisfied:confused:
I think the only hybrids I keep are a female Red Texas Cichlid and a female Flowerhorn, short body type. Both surprisingly docile and live in a community tank.
These Modesta Botias aren't hybrids. I don't believe they've been injected with any artificial color enhancer either. I wouldn't have bought them if I thought they were juiced up.
They change colors from black to Olive green depending on mood.
I'm not a big fan of hybrids or altered fish either, although I obviously have bought some.
I might be a little more liberal regarding the subject than you, but not that much.
I bought the Modestas at a very reputable local chain store; one that I have been doing business with for over 20 yrs. They run a quality operation and order all their fish from Segrest
Fish Farms. I don't even think they sell Glofish.
I've seen photos online featuring the dyed Modestas; bright blue, light purple, even red. Mine look nothing like those. Other than Clown Loaches, loaches in general aren't big sellers in my area.These were the first group of Modesta Botias I've seen for sale, so I have nothing to compare them to other than online pics of normal ones. IMO the group I purchased look like healthy, normal colored Modesta Botia Loaches.

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